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0 formmail scans 2023-01-07 23:43:18

Formmail is a cgi script existing on many web servers. Earlier versions of it allowed anyone from anywhere to send an eMail to anyone else, and have that eMail appear as if it came from the server hosting the script. Many spammers have made use of this for hiding the origin of their spams. does not have the formmail script installed on it's servers, but spammers look for it anyway. We log all attempts to access this script and gather a list of spammers looking for new routes to send their spam.

This log includes the date & time of the access, the IP address (and hostname if available) of the system attempting the access, and any parameters that were sent, which often include a return address so that the spammer can find out the result of their scan. The 'recipient' line is usually a live eMail address direct to the spammer.

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