less_tea.com_0001 - 2003-06-20 mortgage - less-tea.com/4/index.asp mailto:liuli372000@yahoo.com.cn
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less_tea.com_0001 - 2003-06-20 mortgage - less-tea.com/4/index.asp mailto:liuli372000@yahoo.com.cn
From Julia@cele.org Fri Jun 20 01:18:11 2003 [2003-06-20 01:18:11 7944]
Received: from p8ToKI (12-254-8-158.client.attbi.com [])
        by mail.munged.ext (8.11.6/8.11.6) with SMTP id h5K1I9216939;
        Fri, 20 Jun 2003 01:18:09 GMT
Message-Id: <200306200118.h5K1I9216939@mail.munged.ext>
From: Julia <Julia@cele.org>
To: <jason@munged.ext>
Subject: Uhm, did you hear? 
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 00:04:04 -0500

<BODY><table width=530 border="2" bordercolor="000090" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="12"><tr><td bgcolo
r="#000090" align=center><font face="Arial" size="5" color="FFFF00">
<b>R<!--H4RN-->ates<b> can't<b>  stay low forever, why wait?</b></b></b></font></td></tr><tr><td><font
 face="arial" size=2  
color=black><p align=justify>We help you find the <!--gG-->bes<!--po-->t  rate  for your situation by 
matching your needs with hundreds  of lenders! This service is <b>100% FREE</b>
to home o<!--ux-->wners and without any obli<!--uQ-->gation.<br><br>It only takes a mi<!--KU-->nute to
 fill  out our quick  and si<!--KG-->mple form to get incre<!--wglM-->dible rates!
<br><br><font face=verdana,arial,helvetica size=5 color=00B000><CENTER><A href="http://less-tea.com/4/
index.asp?RefID=588897"><B>CLICK HERE TO START</b></A>



Domain name: less-tea.com

Registrant Contact:
Administrative Contact:
Technical Contact:
Billing Contact:
   ma su liuli372000@yahoo.com.cn
   8417434 fax: 8417434
   lanzhou ganshu 730030


Created: 2003-06-13
Expires: 2004-06-13

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www.less-tea.com is an alias for less-tea.com.

inetnum: -
netname:      CHINANET-SH
descr:        CHINANET Shanghai province network
descr:        Data Communication Division
descr:        China Telecom
country:      CN
admin-c:      CH93-AP
tech-c:       XI5-AP
mnt-by:       MAINT-CHINANET
mnt-lower:    MAINT-CHINANET-SH
changed:      hostmaster@ns.chinanet.cn.net 20000701
source:       APNIC

person:       Chinanet Hostmaster
address:      No.31 ,jingrong street,beijing
address:      100032
country:      CN
phone:        +86-10-66027112
fax-no:       +86-10-66027334
e-mail:       hostmaster@ns.chinanet.cn.net
e-mail:       anti-spam@ns.chinanet.cn.net
nic-hdl:      CH93-AP
mnt-by:       MAINT-CHINANET
changed:      hostmaster@ns.chinanet.cn.net 20021016
source:       APNIC

person:       Wu Xiao Li
address:      Room 805,61 North Si Chuan Road,Shanghai,200085,PRC
country:      CN
phone:        +86-21-63630562
fax-no:       +86-21-63630566
e-mail:       ip-admin@mail.online.sh.cn
nic-hdl:      XI5-AP
mnt-by:       MAINT-CHINANET-SH
changed:      ip-admin@mail.online.sh.cn 20010510
source:       APNIC

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