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Stupid spam

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From: Wine Critic<Wine_Critic@jan3-colo.com>
Subject: Get Wine Spectator and a 4-piece Connoisseur's Gift Set RISK-FREE

Get Wine Spectator and a 4-piece Connoisseur's Gift Set RISK-FREE

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better time to perfect your wine expertise than the holidays?
Never let an average wine cross your lips again with the most
respected name in wine publications, <a href="">Wine Spectator magazine.
Your enjoyment of the grape this holiday season will reach
new heights with <a href="">Wine Spectator!
wine reviews and news, restaurant and hotel recommendations,
advice on food and wine combinations, wine storage and serving
tips and more -- all with a completely RISK-FREE issue, and
you may also receive a FREE 4-piece Connoisseur's Gift Set
(a full $100 value) if you act quickly!

Plus, a full 17 issues of <a href="">Wine Spectator can be yours for
just $45 -- a 53% savings off the cover price!

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