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416-410-2136_0002 - 2002-09-27 bulk emailing cd - 1-416-410-2136
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Subject: 1.5 miLLion USA BUSINESS FAX NUMBERS $49
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Email directories


300 Million Email Addresses on 3 CDs

Want to join the global economy? We've got 300 million worldwide email addresses to help you do just that. Sure you've got a decent program to send out lots of email but do you have a good clean list that will generate results? We can talk all we want about how great our package is, but the bottom line is that you're living proof this directory is good. We actually use this directory to generate new leads every day and we just found you! Think about it, if you send an email to just 5 million people from this directory, even if only HALF a percent respond, that's 25,000 potential responses! Not bad considering it barely cost you anything to send out the emails.
Our package contains email addresses from millions of different domains so you never have to worry about your emails being blocked by anti-spam measures because you're sending too many emails to the same domain. All email addresses in our package are FULLY EXPORTABLE text files which are easily imported into virtually any email program.
Want to cash in on tons of virtually free
advertising? Then this directory is for you!
Our collection also includes targeted categories
like these:

State and Area Code
Small Business
Emails of people who have elected to receive bulk mail
Web Design


For more information or to order your package please call 1-416-410-2136
Operators are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your order.

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