anoncards - 2002-07-18 anonymous debit cards
Stupid spam

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anoncards - 2002-07-18 anonymous debit cards
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Secure and Private!

Yes - You read it RIGHT! TOTALLY ANONYMOUS debit cards!

ONLY $150.00 TOTAL for 2 cards! Not up to $1,000 like other companies!

* No ID Requirements! No Paperwork! No Account Reporting!
* No Name on the Card! Secure and Private!
* No Personal Bank Account information required!
* No personal credit information needed!
* No Minimum Age Requirements!
* Use anywhere MasterCard/Cirrus/Star is accepted anywhere in the world!
* Transfer funds from your Egold and Ecurrency accounts the SAME DAY!
* Transfer funds from card to card!
* Transfer funds to anyone else with a card!

Transfer your e-currencies from any account such as e-gold, osgold, evocash, e-bullion, JCP, Goldmoney, etc.... to your personal ezdebitcard ATM Card in hours for just 2%! This is a very powerful and unique benefit of the ezdebitcard versus traditional debit cards

Or load funds to your personal ezdebitcard ATM card account with cash deposits by moneygram, wire transfer, deposit, cashier's check, money order or bank wire.

Conveniently withdraw your cash from any one of more than 460,000 compatible ATMs all around the world! Discreetly, Privately and 100% ANONYMOUS! Most ATMs that accept MasterCard or Visa also accept CIRRUS.

You can also make an INCREDIBLE $100 per referral for referring people to this AMAZING Totally ANONYMOUS debit card which is paid INSTANTLY in GOLD!!

To much to list here - Send an email to: for more Information via email. Please be sure more info is in the subject line.

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Sorry for any inconvenience.


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