bhenterprises_0001 - 2002-08-14 bh enterprises / ebay auction marketing course
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bhenterprises_0001 - 2002-08-14 bh enterprises / ebay auction marketing course
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Subject: Earn $150 A DAY or More On eBay!
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The Complete eBay Auction Marketing Course CD-ROM *All NEW!*
Here's YOUR Chance To Join The Online Auction Revolution And Earn A FULL TIME INCOME On eBay!


The Complete Course CD-ROM is only $39.95! / Normal Price is $99.95

Our Complete Marketing eBay Auction Course CD-ROM includes:

Make a Fortune on eBay - Learn tips, tricks and secrets the Pros use to make

Advanced Selling on eBay - Learn more detailed information on how to sell like a Pro
on eBay.

16 eBay Forms- These forms will help you track, analyze and record your auctions.
It contains 16 forms with full instructions. This report also contains the forms
in printer friendly version, so you can print them for immediate use. These forms alone
are well worth $44.99. A must for any eBay member!

SPECIAL FREE BONUS! Wholesale Sources. Wholesale Sources is the final course
in the eBay Marketing CD-ROM. It contains wholesale distributors from the United States,
Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Asia and the Philippines. Armed with this CD-ROM you
will have over 10,000,000 wholesale products at your
finger tips. Wholesale Sources even lists wholesale companies that drop ship.

EXTRA BONUS! Free CD-ROM With Over 5 MILLION Email Addresses Of Potential Customers
Print This Page & Complete This Order Form And Fax To 309-216-1262 Or Mail A
Check/Money Order/Cash

With This Form To :

BH Enterprises: 800 E. Stanford Suite1, Springfield, IL 62703/ Make Check/Money Order Payable To BH ENTERPRISES

(We will return a receipt for tax purposes, as this may be tax deductable)

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

---------------------Print This Page and Cut Along Dotted Line----------------------

Description: Ebay Marketing Course CD-ROM $39.95+$5 S/H International Orders $10 S/H
(Total Billed $44.95 US/$49.95 Outside US)
NOTE * This Transaction Shall Appear As EEKLECTIC DESIGNS On your credit card statement.

Please write legibly

First Name________________________________

Last Name________________________________


City _____________________________________



Zip/Postal Code___________________________

Phone Number (Optional)________________________________

Email Address_________________________________________

Card Type: ____MasterCard ____VISA___DISCOVER____AMEX

Card Number _______________________________________________ Expiration Date ___________

Name On Card ______________________________________________

Check Here If Address Of Card Holder Is Same As Shipping_______

Address Of Card Holder_______________________________________________________________
______ Initial here to acknowledge that you have read and understand our credit card
fraud policy at the bottom of this page.

You may fax this credit card order to 309-216-1262 (Preferred Method)
Or Mail Your Credit Card Order To: BH Enterprises 800 E. Stanford Suite1, Springfield, IL 62703

-----------Print This Page And Cut Along Dotted Line To Fax/Mail Your Credit Card Order In---

CHECK ORDERS : Complete the check by fax check below. You may either fax or mail
your check order in. If mailing, simply complete an actual check and include with
a copy of this email along with a return
shipping address & email for receipt purposes.

Name Of Bank ____________________

Your name as it appears on your check Check #_________Date mm____/day_____/Yr______


Address as it appears on check


State_________ Zip-Code________

Pay To The Order Of BH Enterprises AMOUNT: Fourty Four Dollars & 95/100cents($44.95usdollars)
Order Of: BH Enterprises

MEMO: eBay Marketing Course CD-ROM Sign Your Full Name Here___________________
Enter the numbers from the bottom of your check as illustrated below.

______________________ _____________________________
{123456789 {1234567890123 ll'
Bank Routing Code Bank Account Number

Enter your email address Below so that we may send you a receipt:


Check By Fax Orders FAX To 309-216-1262 Or Mail Check Or Money Order/Cash To :
BH Enterprises, 800 E. Stanford Suite1, Springfield, IL 62703

---------------------------------------Cut Along Dotted And Either Fax Or Mail To Address Below----

Credit Card Fraud Policy
We are fighting back against Internet credit card fraud.
Please read our information on credit card fraud before faxing this order.


What constitutes credit card fraud?

You use your credit card to obtain access and then claim that you did not authorize such transaction,
that you have no idea what the charge is for and/or you claim the card number was stolen. Any other
statement which you know is not true.

What happens when you falsely dispute a charge?

Falsely denying payment on your credit card may result in action against you for the
amount disputed, plus the cost of paying the collection agency and/or lawyers processed by an
international collection agency with independent representatives in America, Europe and Asia,
plus costs for round trip airfare, motel, food, and labor costs for the designated agent to appear
in court. Credit card fraud is a serious offense and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent
possible. This no tolerance policy of fighting back each and every case of credit card fraud by the
designated agent will cost you much more money than the
original amount of software you received.

Also VERY IMPORTANT, this software is non-refundable.
Our apologies for having to include this message, but it's the few people out there who force
us to have this policy..

We Respect Your Privacy, and Pledge not to Abuse This Privilege. To Stop Future Mailings,
Click the Link Below and type remove in the subject line. Please make sure remove is in the
subject line.
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