bonfire_0001 - 2002-07-31 bonfire anonymouse bulk emailing software
Stupid spam

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bonfire_0001 - 2002-07-31 bonfire anonymouse bulk emailing software
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Subject: Safely Send Bulk Email using your DSL or Cable Connection...
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BonFire Anonymous Bulk Emailing Software

Introducing the brand new "BonFire" mailer.

Anonymous worry
free bulk email software.

Send bulk email using your DSL or cable connection.

.and never lose your connection ISP again.

What is BonFire?

BonFire software uses unique technology to provide complete anonymous

Your IP will never be shown in the headers of any mail sent using

BonFire is Cost Effective, and is very easy software to use.

Simply load your list, message, subject and press 'Send'.

Its as easy as that.

True anonymity (using proxy routing - the new wave in bulk email stealth

No more hunting for relays or paying hundreds of dollars for open

You can run multiple copies simultaneously on different computers.

Port 25 ISP not required (not affected by port 25 blocking).

Speeds of over 300,000 emails per hour confirmed.

Simply purchase one of the mailing packages.

Client side software control.

Easy to use interface.

Free upgrades.


BonFire is free,


BonFire is subscription based bulk email software system.

Our email credits are the lowest priced in the industry.

For example:

A purchase of 10 million credits will enable BonFire to send 10 million

but additional credits must be purchased when the credits run out.

BonFire comes with 50,000 FREE credits..

so you can test it for yourself.

Credit Prices:

1 Million Email Credits......$99.00

5 Million Email Credits......$299.00

10 Million Email Credits....$349.00

50 Million Email Credits....$899.00

100 Million Email Credits..$1499.00

250 Million Email Credits..$2599.00

500 Million Email Credits..$3999.00

1 Billion Email Credits.......$5999.00

10 Billion Email Credits.....$9999.00

Free bulletproof mailbox with purchase.


The main premise behind BonFire is anonymity to hide your IP

This has been achieved without any sacrifice in email delivery speed.

Best results are on Cable, ADSL, DSL, T1, or a T3 connection,

but a dialup connection will work just fine.

The type of email lists you use may also affect the software's

Single domain lists will mail faster than a mixed domain email list.

A smaller message puts less strain on the mail servers,

therefore, smaller messages mean faster delivery.

A small text or html message is all you need,

to get your customers attention.

An eye catching subject line is also very important.

BonFire will send either html or text messages.

You can also control the BCC count.

Just check a few boxes and send yourself some messages as a test..

You'll see for yourself the great value of the BonFire mailer.

Click <a href=" am interested in
BonFire">Here to receive BonFire.


Save the Planet, Save the Trees, Save the Ozone.

Advertise via E-mail, No wasted paper.

Delete with one simple keystroke.

Click <A
HREF="">Here To Be Removed.

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