ebizind.com_0001 - 2002-08-01 ebizind.com web hosting
Stupid spam

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ebizind.com_0001 - 2002-08-01 ebizind.com web hosting
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From: <webhosts@ebizind.com>
Subject: Web hosting $6.95 per month - $59 Web Design too!!
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 14:09:34
Message-Id: <551.475422.617475@unknown>

Web Hosting $6.95 per month

Would like to host your existing or new website
$6.95 per month?
face=Arial size=2>Our web hosting service will host your site for $6.95 per
month and give you:
100Mb Disk Space
5Gb Data Transfer
per month
15 e-mail mailboxes
Stats Server
FTP 24 X 365
Access Database
Free Domain Name Transfer
MANY more features
For more information on this offer,
please fill out the form below
or Call us at:
face=Arial color=#0000ff>561 671 9968 9AM
to 5PM Eastern Time
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<FORM name=Information
action="mailto:ecommercehosts@excite.com?SUBJECT=Web Hosting Information Please"
method=post encType=text/plain Form>
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borderColor=#111111 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=3 width="77%" border=0>

<FONT face=Georgia color=#005353


<FONT face=Georgia color=#005353

<FONT face=Arial color=#005353
size=1>(if you would like a sales rep to call you)


If you have received this offer in
error and wish to be removed from this Opt-In list,
please click the
link below:
color=#008080>Please Remove My E-Mail Address
size=1>We comply with proposed federal legislation regarding
Commercial e-mail by
providing you with a method for your e-mail <FONT
size=1> <FONT
size=1>Address to be permanently removed from our database and any
future Mailings from our company.<FONT face=Arial


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