email_miners_0001 - 2002-09-04 bulk email cd / email miners 702-973-6667 /
Stupid spam

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email_miners_0001 - 2002-09-04 bulk email cd / email miners 702-973-6667 /
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Wed, 4 Sep 2002 07:28:14 -0400
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Subject: @munged.ext New email lists 9-1-02 - Plus removal data!
Date: 04 Sep 2002 07:29:39 -0400

New Version Released 9-1-02

Bonus Removal Lists

New September Edition Just Released
Over 15 Million Fresh ACTIVE Email Addresses
We stress FRESH and NEW

Requires multiple smtp's

Have you purchased email addresses in the past only to find
that you always buy the same data from multiple companies?

You will not get that here. We are the prime source and weed
out "CD Sellers" from our order. (We know who they are, at
least most of them.)

We have spent WEEKS verifying, and testing all of the addresses
on our New September Edition CD ROM which is fully loaded with
over 15 million current and ACTIVE email addresses.

There will be a new verified version each month!

This CD is full of highly responsive individuals.

This NEW CD just hit the market and we are the prime source.
We will only be selling 100 copies of the each new edition.

This is it! The best email address data in the world!

Bonus - Yes you will get some software! Not the high dollar software
but software that can get mail out and it is called mailpusher!

Bonus 2 - Our HUGE removal database 25 Million Removes!
We are adding as a bonus all of ouir removes from the past 3 years
of mailing. You can wash you other lists with these removes!
Get these people of of your list ASAP!

This CD is HOT and we are placing a limit on the orders
so get your order in today!

At only $220.00 this CD is A Bargain!

Fax Orders To: 1-702-973-6667

How To Order:

To rush order this "New September Email CD" simply
fill out the order form below and fax it to our 24 hour order line at:



Your Name: _____________________________________________

Your Address: ___________________________________________

Your City: ______________________________________________

State / Zip: ____________________________________________

Your Country: ___________________________________________

Phone #: ________________________________________________
(For problems with your order only. No salesmen
will call or please provide a valid email address.)

Email Address: @munged.ext

We Accept Checks By Fax Only!
We will confirm your order by email or phone within 24 hours

[ ] I am faxing a check (Do not send original, we will make a draft from
the faxed check)
Make check payable to "Email Miners" for $220.00

Note - If ordering outside continental US, please add
$35 for S&H

Fax Line: 1-702-973-6667

P.S. If you would like rush priority delivery of your CD add $8.00

If you have received this message in error and would
like to be removed from future mailings, please send and
email to with "NO CD" in the sub.

@munged.ext toasted spam dot com