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flooringdealer.com_0002 - 2002-08-17 flooringdealer.net
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e-mail is meant for dealers of floor covering and other interiors
products. If you have received this message in error, or would
like to be removed from this list, please see the end of the
e-mail for removal instructions. We apologize for the inconvenience.

<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/manufact/index.asp">If
you are a Manufacturer or Supplier click here


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A dealer organization that brings you all the benefit of group programs
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United Flooring Dealers is the first true, proactive dealer organization
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to communicate, and to protect our interests as independent dealers.
Our goal is to help you grow your business, not tell you how to
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United Flooring
Dealers is a totally new kind of company. We're turning heads, not
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Are We?

United Flooring Dealers is a blend between a buying group, and an
Internet service provider. As a buying group, we offer our members
a variety of products and services at substantial discounts. As
an Internet service provider we provide our members with access
to the Internet through a private, dealers only network that consolidates
all your online needs in one place. This creates an excellent vehicle
for group communications, including both company to member, and
member to member communications.
We want to be
the buying group for the masses, an organization that all dealers
can and want to be a part of, for a price that every dealer can
Programs Do We Offer?

<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/programs.asp">Dealer

<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/programs.asp">Consulting
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/programs.asp">Free
Advertising Materials
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/programs.asp">No
Fee 401K
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/programs.asp">Lead
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/programs.asp">Super
Low Rate Merchant Account

<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/programs.asp">Consumer
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/programs.asp">Financial
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/programs.asp">Discount/Group
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/programs.asp">Discount
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/programs.asp">Training
and Educational Material
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/programs.asp">Featured


• Leasing Center - equipment, trucks,forklifts, etc.

• Discount Signage,displays,etc.

<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/internetservice.asp">Internet

<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/internetservice.asp">Internet
Access (no more AOL, MSN, etc.)
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/internetservice.asp">E-mail
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/internetservice.asp">Discount
Website Design and Hosting
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/internetservice.asp">Online
Order Center
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/internetservice.asp">Online
Product Catalogs
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/internetservice.asp">Industry
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/internetservice.asp">Exclusive
Dealer Bulletin Board
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/internetservice.asp">Huge
Promotional Goods Resource
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/internetservice.asp">Industry
Resource Center
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/internetservice.asp">World
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/internetservice.asp">Financial
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/internetservice.asp">Shopping
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/internetservice.asp">Weather

Much Is Membership And How Can You Join?

are now available for the special introductory rate of only $24.99/month,
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If during the first 30 days of membership you are not completely
satisfied, we will even refund your money.
You can join
online <a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/join.asp">here,
or by requesting an install CD toll-free at 800-860-1747. The sign
up process takes only a few minutes, and without any contracts or
startup costs, you'll have immediate access to all group services.
<a href="http://www.flooringdealer.net/dealers/index.asp">Click
Here For More Information


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