go20t.clickin.to - 2002-07-21 internet investigator
Stupid spam

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go20t.clickin.to - 2002-07-21 internet investigator
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Subject: New Version 7: Uncover the TRUTH about ANYONE!
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Brand-New VERSION 7.0 Just Released:
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This mammoth COLLECTION of internet investigative
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* people you trust
* screen new tenants or roommates
* housekeepers
* current or past employment
* people you work with
* license plate number with name and address
* unlisted phone numbers
* long lost friends

Locate e-mails, phone numbers, or addresses:

o Get a Copy of Your FBI file.

o Get a Copy of Your Military file.


o Check CRIMINAL Drug and driving RECORDS.

o Lookup someone's EMPLOYMENT history.

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Locate old classmates, missing family
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- Do Background Checks on EMPLOYEES before you
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- Investigate your family history, birth, death
and government records!

- Discover how UNLISTED phone numbers are located.

- Check out your new or old LOVE INTEREST.

- Verify your own CREDIT REPORTS so you can
correct WRONG information.

- Track anyone's Internet ACTIVITY; see the sites
they visit, and what they are typing.

- Explore SECRET WEB SITES that conventional
search engines have never found.

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==> Discover little-known ways to make UNTRACEABLE

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==> CLOAK your EMAIL so your true address can't
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==> Discover how to check your phones for WIRETAPS.

==> Or check yourself out, and you will be shocked at
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These are only a few things you can do, There
is no limit to the power of this software!!

To download this software, and have it in less
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If you no longer wish to hear about future
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Please allow up to 72 hours to take effect.

Please do not include any correspondence in your
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