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Stupid spam

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info_request-cybernetsurf.net_0001 - 2003-01-23 bulk email services -
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Subject: Up to 500,000 new email addresses per month
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This Newsletter is sending to our targeted opt-in recipients.
We apologize if we sent to the wrong address by mistake.

Dear valued customer,

Get the Latest email addresses and start marketing your products!!!
* Collect 100,000 to 500,000 new email addresses every month

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* Up to 90 % valid and deliverable.

* No Duplicate.

* Reliable and Best Quality in the market.

* Lowest rate in the market.

* Emails with " abuse, complaint, spam, root, unsolicited, ..." will be
filtered out for customers.


There's a lot of money to be made on the Internet advertising your

Most of those advertisers are making money. Even the "Big Boys"
like Microsoft, AOL, AT & T, Banks and Insurance Companies are sending
out e-mail ads.

Forget about finding email addresses with those flaky email
harvesting programs, most of those fall into anti-spam traps which are
designed to spit out millions of bogus email addresses. We never use
software like that. Most of our addresses are extracted with the
"human" touch. We use specially designed software that first
prequalifies the website or newsgroup to make sure it's not a spam
trap and then extracts the email addresses based on keywords we
select. On top of that, a real person overlooks the whole process.

You don't have to pay thousands for a good email list.
Even you have a email list now, the list will be outdated soon.

We'll extract the new emails for you every month.

Everything is fully exportable and will work with any bulk mailing

Start Your Email Marketing Today !!! Action Now !!!

Sincere Customers, just send a blank email IMMEDIATELY to:

(or: )

Make sure to put "emailsubscribe" on the subject line.

Thank you very much.

Do not reply to this message for info.

UNSUBSCRIBE INSTRUCTIONS: This message is being sent to you in
compliance with the current Federal legislation, US Senate Bill 1618,
Title #3, Section 301. You must have either posted an AD to an FFA site,
requested information from one of our web sites, or responded to our email letters.
If you do not want to receive further emails or any other information from us,
or you have received this mail in error and for immediate deletion,
simply reply with remove in the subject.

************************************************************************ toasted spam dot com