investor-resource_0001 - 2002-08-06
Stupid spam

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investor-resource_0001 - 2002-08-06
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Subject: Investor's Survival Kit
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This mailing is from Investor-Resource Offers. If you have received this in
error or no longer wish to receive such mailings, please find the remove
instructions below. If you are unable to read this format you can go to

Investor Survival Kit


Survival Kit

<img border="0" src="" width="111" height="93" align="left">With the dramatic lows
on Wall Street sending your "nest egg" straight down the
drain and seemingly strong, stable companies crumbling all over investors, it makes you think...

How can I protect my investments?

How do I invest in profitable companies that will not be the 

next scandal?

Where can I find the warning signs to lessen my risks?

Well, it made us think, too...We
decided to test the well-known, as well as the unknown, Investment products
available in search of answers.  After hundreds of man-hours applying the advice and strategies to real life, we have found what WORKS and what MAKES MONEY

<a href="">Investor's Survival
Kit<a href="" target="_self"> is
absolutely Free and
requires NO obligation! 

You will receive all of the Investment
Research you need to 

protect yourself on Wall Street!!
****Nothing to Cancel - No Credit Card Needed!****


Your Investor's
Survival Kit Includes:


<img border="0" src="" width="78" height="90" align="right">Trend Trader's E_News -
Some of the most insightful Market Commentary in the
industry, delivered to your desktop. Weekly, you receive
Educational Articles covering many diverse trading
issues.  Some recent topics include: The
Last Hour - Taking a Position, Reading Level II Market Maker
Screens, Lost Opportunity vs. Lost Money, Trade what you
Bull, Bear, Sideways market?

Trading Plans and Systematic Trading


<img border="0" src="" align="left" width="92" height="85" hspace="7">Great-Picks Daily! -  Stock picks based on technical analysis of today's
market.  The proprietary software identifies all chart
patterns of interest in seconds.
The sophisticated pattern recognition software, can
process all
NASDAQ stocks in under three minutes.  From these scans of all
stocks, a list of
stocks to watch is generated, which include Support and Resistance Prices
to minimize the risk factor! 

These picks are so good - they show a 60% winning average!

You can have tomorrows buys and sells in your inbox everyday before
the bell. 

FREE Subscription 

<img border="0" src="" align="right" width="76" height="99">SpecSheet - Breaking News, Research Reports, and
Market Commentary via email regarding unique and hard to find Companies offering cutting-edge products
and services. These Companies are led by strong, visionary management, and
present impressive growth potential. 

Each recommendation is extensively researched, utilizing traditional fundamental
stock analysis, combined with leading-edge technical stock 
analysis. The
information provided comes from many sources, and saves you hours of research.


 <img border="0" src="" width="30" height="30">Traders'
Alert - You will be notified
of our latest Buy or Sell Alerts.
We utilize leading-edge, proprietary Technical Analysis software to
provide unbiased investment opinions on selected stocks. Each Alert
contains the Technical Opinion for Short and Long Term strategies
with a Chart and additional resources links.


<a href="">Request
FREE Survival Kit Now!



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securities. We do not guarantee the accuracy of any information contained in the

Moreover, we do not endorse, independently verify, or assert the truthfulness or
reliability of any statements or data made in the mailings. Investors should not
rely solely on the information contained in the mailings. Instead, investors
should use the information provided only as a starting point for conducting
additional research that will permit them to form their own opinions.


Drew Lanzetta
10037 Anna Knapp Blvd. Suite B.
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
Drew Lanzetta
10037 Anna Knapp Blvd. Suite B.
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
843-216-8377 [fax]

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