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Stupid spam

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jerryk-makmail.net_0001 - 2002-10-09 bulk eMail cd - INFO
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From: "Jerry Kroberg" <>
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 00:48:03 -0700
Subject: chien The Best Marketing TOOL!
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Best Marketing Tool Ever Put Together!!!!

UPDATED August 1st. 
23 Million
Company Records. 12907003 USA records, all have
email address. 4480995 Unique US Fax numbers. FREE
Media Search software included so you can create
your own targeted marketplace. Fields included per
record in USA data are:

Company Name,
Domain Name (i.e.,
Company Address 
Company City, 
Company State, 
Company Zip, 
Company Contact Name
Company Contact - Phone Number
Company Contact - Fax Number
Company Contact -  Email, 

database is carefully put together in .CSV (comma separated
values) allowing import into virtually any
application. Also, included is a comprehensive
search tool allowing you to search through the
data for keywords in any field so you can create a
targeted marketplace of your own.

Take Advantage of this
LIMITED TIME promotion and

Get $100 off 

the already low price for this data.
Price: $499
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