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joblynx.juvio.com_0001 - 2002-09-23 pc support - - 866-40-JUVIO 866-405-8846
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Subject: PC and Mac Tech Support 24/7
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Dear Computer User,

We offer a solution to computer and software support like no others.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Juvio is your one stop shop for superior tech support. Were not
like other tech support companies who only speak techno-jargon. Juvio representatives
communicate with members using straightforward explanations in simple terms. Our affordable,
flat monthly rate offers unlimited tech support at any time of day. So whether you need
assistance installing new hardware or a sudden crash occurs at 3am, Juvio will be there for all of
your technical needs.

Juvio memberships are designed for both home and business computers, from start-up basics to
more elaborate technical issues. Our diversified staff members have years of education and
experience with a laundry list of products for both Macs, PCs, and peripherals. Our services
support a growing list of products, including numerous hardware components and countless
software applications, as well as any network concerns you may have. More importantly, we
pride ourselves on solving your technical issues using basic terms the average consumer can
understand. Our technicians guide members through their problems step-by-step, using easy-to-
follow directions even the most inexperienced consumers can comprehend.

Our services are conveniently available to members at any time of day via email or telephone or
through an online submission form. Our list of supported products is the most comprehensive on
the planet. At Juvio, we encourage our technicians to be consistently up-to-date in the technical
world. Our knowledge of recent computer innovations is always current and we are constantly
learning new products and systems. Computers are the way of the world and Juvio is here
around the clock to help you remain on top.

If you need assistance or have any questions regarding the service, please contact me using the
information below.


John D. Hoover

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Juvio Juvio
6815 Flanders
Suite 200
San Diego, Ca 92121

Registrar: Dotster (
Domain Name: JUVIO.COM
Created on: 05-AUG-02
Expires on: 05-AUG-04
Last Updated on: 05-AUG-02

Administrative Contact:
Juvio, Juvio
6815 Flanders
Suite 200
San Diego, Ca 92121

Technical Contact:
Juvio, Juvio
6815 Flanders
Suite 200
San Diego, Ca 92121

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RegDate: 2001-11-16
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TechHandle: HC258-ARIN
TechName: Cunningham, Hart
TechPhone: +1-619-232-2656

OrgName: Funnymoney.Com
Address: 433 G Street Suite 402 San Diego, CA 92101
Country: US
RegDate: 2001-11-16
Updated: 2001-11-16

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