mlm_0003 - 2003-01-08 mlm - E.A. Hicks 16633 Dallas Parkway Suite 600 Addison, Texas 75001
Stupid spam

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mlm_0003 - 2003-01-08 mlm - E.A. Hicks 16633 Dallas Parkway Suite 600 Addison, Texas 75001
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Check this out!


Just how profitable is Direct Email Marketing? Where else can you advertise to a million people a week for an average cost of $0.0012 cents for each prospect? When you consider the tremendous profit potential in direct email marketing, you'll see why many people consider it highly viable marketing medium. Companies like: WebTV, MSNBC, AT&T, Paramount, Time Warner, Hewlett Packard, Macromedia and more... are making and saving incredible amounts of money using Direct Email Marketing as opposed to traditional mediums of customer contact.

We have over 260 million active email addresses, increasing our list at the rate of 30-50 million per month. You will have INSTANT results, something no other form of marketing can claim.

Our email addresses are sorted, cleaned, and filtered for a very profitable marketing campaign.

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Best of ALL, bulk email advertising can be used as a
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1) Let's say you... Sell a $24.95 PRODUCT or SERVICE.

2) Let's say you... Mass Email to 1,000,000 PEOPLE DAILY.

3) Let's say you... Receive JUST 1 ORDER for EVERY 2,500 EMAILS.

[Day 1]: $9,980
[Week 1]: $69,860
[Month 1]: $279,440

Now you can see the incredible power of bulk email advertising, and how
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Take your business to the next level NOW!
Our Price List for this promotional offer: (US Dollars)

MLM Special Trial Package - 100,000 emails: $100
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500,000 emails: $250
1,000,000 emails $500
2,000,000 emails $750
3,000,000 emails $1000
4,000,000 emails $1250
5,000,000 emails $1500
10,000,000 emails $3000
OVER 10 Million - Please inquire

NOTE: Due to overwhelming response, we are unable to accept any more orders over the phone. We will contact you as soon as your order is received.

Please include this information with your order for faster service!

Phone Number:
E Mail Address:

"finished, ready to be sent ad", on a 3.5 floppy disk.

Payable by: US Cash, Certified Cheque, or International Money

Payable to:

E.A. Hicks
16633 Dallas Parkway
Suite 600
Addison, Texas 75001

Best Regards, And Have A Blessed Day!

This message is sent in compliance of the proposed
bill SECTION 301, paragraph (a)(2)(C) of S. 1618.

* This message is not intended for residents in the
State of Washington, Virginia or California,
screening of addresses has been done to the best
of our technical ability.

* This is a one time mailing and this list will
never be used again.

* If this email has reached you in error or you wish to be removed
from our mailing list please send your
"remove request" to:


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