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otc_bb_0004 - 2003-01-16 investments - otc mailto:siches4@excite.com.com?subject=Opt-In
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Subject: Natvan (NTVN) gets strong buy target 1.00 SCOH
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 13:49:55 -2000
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Company------------Natvan Inc.
Symbol-------------NTVN ?pink sheets.com for quotes
Current Price------$0.30
52 Week High-------$0.68
52 Week Low--------$0.10

Target Price $2.5 in Q1/2003

Update: 2003 stocks in play Natvan (otc : NTVN)
Major increase in revenues and stock price.

Investment Highlights - Overview

Composite Holdings, Inc., and Natvan, Inc., are emerging
growth conglomerates focused on infrastructure industries
with exceptional revenue and earnings growth opportunities.
CEO Merle Ferguson (26 years as a builder and developer),
leads the group of Company?s as the chief architect of
their rapid revenue and earnings growth through a
synergistic acquisition campaign.

Mr. Ferguson is currently finalizing the acquisition of
Composite Holdings, Inc. (OTC : COHIA) and its operating
subsidiaries by Natvan, Inc (OTC : NTVN) and its operating

In addition, two recent agreements to acquire APS, Inc.
(agreements to deliver in-flight entertainment with Alaska
Air, Southwest, Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount) and
Great Lakes Petroleum (GLP?s current annual revenues of
approximately $100M) add significantly to the Company?s
ability to attract investors due to the high-profile APS
airline and entertainment industry relationships as well
as GLP?s multi-hundred million revenue capability.

The combined Company?s projected revenue for 2003E is
expected to exceed $150 million with net income of more
than $20 million. Mr. Ferguson has received a tentative
offer from a leading Broker Dealer to underwrite a
secondary financing in excess of $50 million upon the
completion of the signing of a NTVN (combined NTVN/COHIA)
merger agreement with a listed company. Additional debt
and equity financing would then be readily available to
the combined entities due to the conglomerates strong
balance sheet, capable management and realistic growth
through acquisition and an internal expansion plan,
already endorsed Mr. Ferguson?s banking and brokerage

A conservative valuation of the combined NTVN/COHIA
Company?s shares upon successful completion of a merger
with a listed company would be well in excess of $400
million currently based upon the acquisition calendar Mr.
Ferguson has committed to and the factors listed below:

1. APS Inc. has signed exclusive agreements with Alaska
Air, Spirit Air and Twentieth Century Fox for content
distribution based upon the Company?s proprietary and
licensed IFE system; All of these major public companies
will be issuing press releases outlining their business
relaitnships with APS and the ?to-be announced? public
entity upon successful completion of a vend-in agreement.

2. Additional $200 million in revenue from existing sales
at COHIA?s Mooney Oil locations, Great Lakes Petroleum and
acquisitions of additional Sunoco brand locations already
on its calendar for early 2003E (including land with less
than 70% loan-to-value mortgages);

3. COHIA?s U.S. BioTec will be marketing its Lawn &
Garden products in Home Depot and other major retail
chains in early 2004, expected to bring immediate mass
exposure and revenue for the Company; The subsidiaries
Agriculture division will be labeling their BioStimulants,
BioPesticides and BioInsecticides and distributing them
in regions where test marketing is now complete; U.S.
BioTec chemists will begin work on attaining certification
for the Conglomerates Z-Mix immediately, allowing World
Homes to begin bidding on large scale housing developments

4. Natvan, Inc.?s Auto Lending Group is currently
generating in excess of $12 million in sales and
approximately $1 million in net income annually; in
addition the Company is implementing an expansion and
acquisition program in 2003E which is expected to more
than triple revenues to $50 million and increase the
net margin to above 10%.

5. Natvan?s Certus Data is on the verge of releasing
its latest, low-cost version criminal evidence forensic
software and systems. The system is expected to be
installed nationwide at all levels of law enforcement
as a mandatory requirement for compliance with the
Homeland Security Act. Agencies effected will include
all police & sheriff sub-stations, all state & federal
criminal courts and any agency dealing with crime.

6. Natvan?s CLG & HLG subsidiaries are expected to
generate significant revenue in 2003E and 2004E,
expanding the Company?s commercial R/E construction
lending, residential R/E lending and business equipment
leasing presence to all major regions across the U.S.

7. Additional revenues from COHIA?s electric utilities
subsidiaries expected to exceed $200 million within 3?to-5
years (beginning in 2004E subject to additional research
and successful completion of funding).

8. COHIA?s Z-Mix composite material certification
should be complete in 2003E with sales beginning in
2004E, effecting revenue and eps by 2004E year-end.

9. Consolidated Revenue & Valuation Targets 2002 ? 2005
(Average market capitalization of comparable competitors
have a valuation of 2.5x revenue ?to- 3x revenue) :

Revenue consolidated restated;
2002E $125 million
2003E $150 ?to- $175 million
2004E $200 ?to- $250 million
2005E $300 million plus+

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