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randbad_0009 - 2002-07-30 stock alert / randbad / nouce1.com
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Street Stocks

*** Our Current recommendation:
TTGG ***

Hot Technology Alert: Multi-use
Technology has Finally Gone Public


 The Company

T & G2 (TTGG) quoted on the Nasdaq OTCBB,
is a company that believes every firm should have the capability
to have access to Biometric technology , therefore they have
made it quite cost effective. In making it cost effective they
have created a service that continues to attract a greater number
of clientele. Due to the high start up costs and complexity of
security systems, many companies are unable to take the appropriate
steps to protect themselves from site access. TTGG
takes the hardware and software costs out of the equation and
provides the Biometric technology purely as a service. The
system enables clients to control and manage their resources
precisely and become more efficient without the costs associated
with ownership. The companies system consists of two key components:
Stand alone Biometric terminals and a back office suite of software
services managed by TTGG. The terminal can operate at
a business independently or be synchronized anytime via internal
modem or Internet access. Each Biometric terminal identifies
while recording a time-stamped transaction. The continual back
office suite performs data collection and report generation in
a variety of formats and media types that you choose. In layman’s
terms the system tracks resources precisely by location, controls
alarms/turnstiles/doors, and calculates labor hours exported
directly to the client’s payroll service.

 Market Potential

TTGG’s objective is to capture 2% of the U.S.
market and a sizable portion of the international markets within
the next five to seven years. Based on funding, these objectives
will increase and accelerate. Gaining just 2% of the US market
would mean approximately $140 million in gross sales per year.











 Reasons To

1) A leading analyst highly recommends this stock.

2) TTGG is set to gain Nationwide Exposure on Alexander
Haig World Business Review TV series.

3) TTGG has an approx 7 billion dollar potential market
in the USA alone. The worldwide market could well exceed ten
billion dollars.

4) TTGG’s revenue is generated on monthly basis
– residual income is key to any business’ success and
financial statements. There is NO OTHER PRODUCT available
which combines all of these functions into one unit. The U.S.
MILITARY has also recently placed an order with TTGG.

5) TTGG’s Solutions Technology Positive ID Data
Collection System has general applicability anywhere a positive
ID is required with associated data collection.


 Final Word

In a world that continues to become more inundated with crime
and corruption companies are seeking new ways to keep up with
these problems technologically as it pertains to the security
of their businesses. As this issue continues to cultivate TTGG
remains at the forefront of this problem. Here’s your chance
to own part of an exciting company that is on its way to vastly
improve both its income statement and balance sheet. Through
its cost effective solutions TTGG will not only lower
costs for its clients, but in doing so will attract more business
increasing top line numbers exponentially. Since 9/11, world
focus is on safety and security. TTGG technology fills
a distinct void and strives to bridge this gap.





Wall Street Stocks provides
information on selected companies that it believes has investment
potential. Wall Street Stocks is not a registered investment
advisor or broker - dealer. This report is provided as an information
service only, and the statements and opinions in this report
should not be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or
sell any security. Wall Street Stocks accepts no liability for
any loss arising from an investors reliance on or use of this
report. An investment in TTGG is considered to be highly speculative
and should not be considered unless a person can afford a complete
loss of investment. Wall Street Stocks has been retained to distribute
this report on TTGG and has been paid five thousand free trading
shares by a third party. This report involves forward looking
statements, which involve risk, and uncertainties that may cause
actual results to differ materially from those set forth in the
forward - looking statements. For further details concerning
these risks and uncertainties, see the SEC filings of TTGG including
the companys most recent annual and quarterly reports.

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