tony_nelson_0001 - 2003-01-10 success -
Stupid spam

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tony_nelson_0001 - 2003-01-10 success -
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Dear Friend,

It's a sad fact of life, but not everyone is destined to be
successful. In this world there are winners and losers;
achievers and no hopers. Most people want to be in the
winner's group, but unfortunately for them they are losers.


Well, the answer lies in what they know, or more precisely,
what they don't know. As you know, to succeed, to get ahead,
you have to know more than the next guy. In particular, you
need to understand how to succeed, better than the next guy.

Another reason why most people are losers is because they
don't want to work for success. But success is not free - you
have to pay a price.

The price is not so much money, but rather your time and
effort, as these are precious commodities you can never get back.


I'm writing to you to ask if you would spend some time with me to
help you become more successful?

Would you spend 10 minutes of your time on the most effective
achievement programme that you have ever seen?

A programme that has helped over 30,000 people worldwide become
more successful.

Would you spend 15 minutes a day for 4 weeks to master the
12 essential steps which a master achiever found to be most
important for success?

Or the plans which have proven most successful in achieving
your goals,

Increasing your income,

Raising your 'luck', and expanding your influence?


If you would, then click on the link below to receive more
information on my success enhancement programme -

And as a bonus to you, for a limited period only, I will give
you the secret of one of the 12 essential steps to success.
No catch, no strings attached, just an audio book that is
guaranteed to help you succeed valued at $97.00.

Would you risk not spending the next 10 minutes to find out these
incredible new techniques?

It doesn't matter if you have already tried other programmes
or techniques over the years - YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS.

Remember, time is precious, act now and click on the
link below to receive further information on increasing your success.

Believe me this stuff works, but sadly, there are people out there
that don't want you to succeed. They have already tried to stop
me from telling you about this.

I suppose these losers are so upset about their miserable lives
and so envious of anyone trying to do better or improve themselves,
that they just feel compelled to stop them at all costs. As the saying
goes, misery seeks company.

So I urge you, for you and yours sake, don't be a looser,
act now!


Tony Nelson

P.S. This is a time limited offer, which must end within
2 days. Act now to take your first step on becoming
part of the elite for FREE. After 2 days, the full price
of $97.00 will be back in full enforcement!

Tony Nelson - Success Is Within Your Grasp
For more information please Visit: toasted spam dot com