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Stupid spam

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Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2002 20:11:03 +0200
From: "Traffic Online" <>
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Subject: Partnership proposition


Further to my visit on your site, I contact you to propose a particular partnership.

I do not find that the links presented on partners' pages are particularly effective. However these links have all the same a crucial advantage. They increase the importance granted by search engines to the target site of the link, what allows the site in question to be better placed in research results.

Now, as a webmaster, you are not without knowing that 90 % of the traffic entering of a site results from search engines. Further to this analysis, I am constituting a webmasters' network every member of which includes on its site a page containing links towards the sites of all other members.

This system is so perfectly fair, simple and effective.

Here is the procedure to participate in the program :

1. Pleass , copy the page joined " trafficbooster.htm " HTML to your site strictly in the same directory as your homepage. Given that the program has just been created, very few sites are registered for this very first version.
For example, if your homepage has for address, the new page should have the address, and if you have a domain name with redirection towards the address, you have to create the page

2. Insert on your homepage this invisible link : <a href=trafficbooster.htm>

3. Go to URL and write the URL of the homepage of your site and your e-mail address (which will only be used for this program, without any ad).

4. Your site will be integrated into the next version of the program, at the rate of a new version both months (the first day in January, in March, in May, in July, in September and November). Every two month, you will have also to replace the trafficbooster.htm page with the new one (sended by e-mail).

I remain at your disposal to answer all your questions.

Olivier, webmaster of

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