uarhawaii.college_0001 - 2002-08-01
Stupid spam

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uarhawaii.college_0001 - 2002-08-01
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U.S. Department of Education - National Center For Education Statistics UNIT ID 434654


Master's Degree From Home!
FREE Tuition! 100% At Home Study!
Opportunity Expires Friday, August 2, 2002.
No Undergraduate Degree Required.
Save $750.00 Immediately!
Featuring Courses By Professors From Accredited Colleges

"Education should be as free as air and water."
Industrialist Peter Cooper.
Founder: Cooper Union (a tuition-free accredited college)

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If you have an interest in advanced education and desire to earn a respected graduate
degree in as few as 18 - 20 weeks, we encourage you to get more information on the
International Educational Research Project conducted by the internationally known
University of Advanced Research - Hawaii Campus. The information is free and
automated. Your tuition is paid in full via a grant. No Credit Checks. No undergraduate
degree required. A registration fee is required if you choose to enroll. You are under no
obligation to participate. Class sizes are limited. All nine MBA courses are downloaded
from our Intra-Net Servers. The free course is yours to keep.

The University of Advanced Research has graduates and students in more than 20
countries. Our graduates include Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, Academics and top
executives from Fortune 500 - 100 companies. There are some minimum requirements.
For more information or to register before the project closes, follow the directions below
to log-in to the intra-net servers.

How to dial-in to our Intra-Net Servers
From Your DeskTop Computer...

1. Disconnect from the Internet

2. Make A New Dial-Up Connection
a. Name the connection ''
b. UserName: ierp2002
c. Password: 86450109
d. Telephone: 1(808) 881-1644
e. Click 'Connect' to dial the school server.

3. Once You Connect To The Server...
a. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (Netscape will not work)
b. Type '' as the URL address and press 'Enter'

University of Advanced Research - Hawaii Campus
Drawer 334
Downtown Historic Building
Papaikou, HI 96781

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Professional Marketing Associates

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