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webmaster-discountmort.zzn.com_0001 - 2002-08-27 mortgage / discountmort.zzn.com
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I am an independent Mortgage Counselor. With Rates as low as 1.99%* , NOW is the time to refinance you
r home and save money monthly.

Take 30 seconds to respond to the following:
Amount of Loan you seek: $
Refinance, New Home or Home equity?

We'll get back to you within the hour (9am-5pm EST) with the best rates in the country!
John Williams,
Exoro Mortgage Referral Agent

*1 Yr. ARM. Rate is variable and subject to change after closing. Points required for 1.99% rate and m
ay vary based on market conditions. Rate will not change by more than 2% per year or 5% over the life
of the loan. Rate will not exceed 6.99% APR 4.94%. Other mortgage programs and rates are also availabl



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