webnet_traffic_0001 - 2002-07-23 webnet traffic 702-973-6667
Stupid spam

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webnet_traffic_0001 - 2002-07-23 webnet traffic 702-973-6667
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From: YouCanBuy <comegetsomel@excite.com>
Subject: Web Traffic - 1 Cent Per Visitor PLUS buy 1 get 1 free
Reply-To: comegetsomel@excite.com
Date: 24 Jul 2002 03:25:49 -0400

Wholesale Targeted Web Traffic On Sale!

Only 1 Penny Per Visitor or less!

For a very limited time we are offering our targeted web advertsing
services at an introductory discounted rate of only 1 cent or less per
Targeted Visitor.

We have over 14 targeted networks to choose from!

Why spend thousands of Dollars on bulk emailing,
print ads, newspapers and other semi-productive techniques?

With us you can buy guaranteed interested targeted prospects!
You pay only for the hits you get. No guessing! You order
50,000 web hits you get 50,000 web hits.

All traffic guaranteed to be completely delivered within 30
days of your order date. All traffic is 24 hour unique. You
will not pay for the sane IP within a 24 hour period.


Check out our comparison chart:

Send 1 million emails
Average Cost: $800.00
Average Hits 1000

Classified Ad in large US publication
Average cost $300.00 for 2 days (3 lines)
Average Hits 150

Buy 1 million banner ads
Average Cost $600.00
Average Hits 250

***BUY 20,000 Web Hits***
Cost 1 Penny Per Hit ($200.00)
Get 20,000 Web Hits


It is simple to buy targeted web traffic from us.
You pay for 50,000 hits, you get 50,000 hits.

Easy check by fax order form below:

To keep our costs low we don't take orders by phone.
If you would like a link to pay with a credit card, fax
your email address to us and we will email you
the order link.

Fax your orders to: 702-973-6667

Step 1: Circle the network you would like your traffic
to come from (only one):

General Audience - IT & MIS - Sports - Travel - Health -
Casino&Gambling - E-Commerce - Family - Games - Entertainment -
Shopping - Careers&Employment - Technology - News - Business

Step 2: Your information.

Name_________________________ Email______________________

Phone________________________ Fax________________________

Website Address___________________________________________

Step 3: Circle the amount of traffic you want below.

20,000 Web Hits : $200.00 Bonus 20,000 Hits FREE!
50,000 Web Hits : $489.00 Bonus 50,000 Hits FREE!
100,000 Web Hits:$750.00 Bonus 100,000 Hits FREE!

We just doubled your first order! Give us a try :)

New Check By Fax Ordering: Make checks Payable To "WebNet Traffic"
and simply fax a copy of your check along with this order form. We will
email you a confirmation after your order us received. There is no need
to mail your check we will draft your account from the check you fax to
us. Fax: 702-973-6667

Fax this entire order form along with a copy of a check payable to
"WebNet Traffic". We will confirm your order VIA email or phone no later
than 1 business day.

To be remove from this list email removal1@btamail.net.cn
you will be removed within 24 hours.

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