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www143.fastwebsnet.com_0002 - 2002-08-10 fastwebsnet.com
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From: "chien" <@munged.ext>
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 06:56:21 -0400
Subject: Minnie and Mickey say hello
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A Winner!

Dear chien,
Congratulations you’re
a winner!
You’ve won 2nd prize
in our recent drawing for an all expense paid Carribean Vacation for Two.

The grand prize went to Emma Eichanaur and she was delighted. Sorry, you didn’t
But, there is good news!
You've won the runner-up prize.
You’ve won a 3 day
2 night weekend getaway for 2. You’ll really enjoy our weekend getaway
because it... it's what you need.
To claim your prize just
come to our website and claim your prize.

<a href="http://www143.fastwebsnet.com">Click here

Thanks for entering our
contest and we look forward to seeing you soon.
Lisa Diaz
P.S. You’ve got to
hurry. If you don’t claim your weekend getaway by in 24 hours

it will be awarded to the next runner-up. So don’t wait, <a href="http://www143.fastwebsnet.com">Click
here today.

To be excluded from future prizes <a href="http://www143.fastwebsnet.com/remove.htm">Click


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